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The Buffalo Goofhaus Clock was constructed as a communal ritual object that was supposed to insure that the Buffalo Bills won the Superbowl. At that time, the media-play between the Gulf War and the Superbowl was amazingly and amusingly absurd. We were all watching the war pretty much LIVE on CNN and there was concern as to whether or not to have the Superbowl due to possible terrorism as well as the conflict of interest between being in a war and indulging in grandiose sports entertainment. I constructed the basic form from foam insulation, some branches in the back yard, a discarded skate board, and an old LED clock that was missing elements of the characters so that the numbers looked a bit like Arabic writing. I saved a couple months of newspaper articles regarding the Gulf War and the Super Bowl for applying to the surface. On Superbowl Sunday, I drove the Buffalo to Buffalo where a party of freinds glued the articles as skin onto the Buffalo before the game started. One of the crew worked at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center which had always been referred to as the "goof-house", hence the titled which also referred to the insanity of the war'sports media-hype. The Bills lost in the last seconds but the war ended soon after. The sculpture was later used as an on-stage prop for close-up video imagery projected during live performances in Elmira, NY and Kutztown, PA.