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These 6 pieces are a representative sample of a series of over 100 small objects constructed in the past 5 years; most done between 1993 and 1995. While the size of the pieces range from an inch long to four feet, most are the size of hand tools, implements, and table sculpture: 8" to 18". Some took five minutes to make, some five hours. Only a few have been exhibited.

In constructing these works I improvise...period. When I lose my focus - or regain consciousness I stop. In this sense my piano works (blues-phrase deconstructions) and my current object-making are produced from the same process; simple, painless, improvised deconstruction followed by reconstruction. The integrity of the resulting work is a direct ratio of the intensity of focus during production. The open- ended structures which tend to frame these mini-performances are determined responsively and impulsively.

The overall working structure is quite literal:

There is no mystery to this procedure. The magic results from the integrity with which the procedure is carried out.

This work responds to the contrast between nature and technology that is so omnipresent on Oahu. Recycled technological fragments are combined with fragments of bamboo...fragments of nature. Each part retains a strong cultural sign which takes on a new significance in its re-combination. I am curious about the way various parts and various layers of meaning interact symbiotically at various levels of synergy. I am curious about the way these objects linger between logic and absurdity and somehow avoid the predictable clash between antithesis (can nature and technology "work" together?) I am curious about the resulting esthetics of ritual implement...of artifactness rather than artness. Still, it is the process of constructing these pieces that excites me.