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works | the reconfigured ear series | wak n' stacks
7 archival inkjet prints on textured fine art paper, each 24'' x 24''

The inspiration for these prints actually came from a quilt my mother recently made me. She used a traditional technique called wak n stack wherein a section of a printed fabric pattern is cut into 8 identical squares, stacked, then cut into pie triangles. One stack of eight identical triangles then gets reassembled into a new pattern, as do the other 7.

This re-juxtoposition of pattern produces a dynamic movement that varies greatly from pattern to pattern while the consistency of the original pattern remains evident.

After many experiments using this process in Photoshop, I settled on two high resolution of my left ear and one of my right. While trying to maintain the integrity of the original indeterminate result, I limited modulation to the border transitions of the triangles.

Although conceptually a bit tongue and cheek, these works have a surprising and very serious integrity when in a formal setting. I enjoyed watching people move toward them hoping to enjoy the tranquility of a mandala or the beauty of a flower...only to jump back when they recognized...ear hairs...then gradually re-approaching the images as though the hair had transformed into least a little more palatable.