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ha is the Hawaiian word for breath. "Faux Polynesian" motif on back designed by factoring dimensions of speakers and bowl. Speaker constructed from garage sail rice/salad bowl, 2 x 10' alnico speakers from rotted 60's cabinet, grillcloth from a 60's Baldwin organ, and letters "ha" removed from a Marshall logo. Size approx. 14" x 24" x 6", 4ohms/40watts.

cross/x The symbols + and x are significant to electronics and also to my work literally and as metaphor for variable and indeterminant factors often multiplying meanings through additive juxtapositions.

When read as a cross contextualized in Hawai'i, meaning becomes both provocative and relative.

Cross/X is constructed from combining two late-sixties or early 70's Japanese Guyatone columns. All four speakers in one were blown. The other four 10" alnicos are housed within. Size approx. 34" x 34" x 8", 8ohms/60-80 watts.