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Two structures assembled from cutural debris; one 6 feet tall and one 3.5 feet. Based on recognition and lament that the analog knob is disappearing from our techno-culture. Maturing during the pioneering days of analog electronic music meant endless hours of gently and precisely tweaking knobs of all types and sizes with a pleasure or distaste determined by the quality of the knob and the potentiometer it was attached to. Now we press expressionless digital buttons. These sculptures afford the participant a variety of tweaking experiences. Some of the knobs and pots are German-made in the 60's, some from classic Fender rock amps, some simply found, and others from the US Military (no expense spared). While a bit tongue-and-cheek and farcical in that the knobs control only themselves, the lack of an electronic response to the tweaking emphasizes the aesthetic of tweaking for tweaking's sake.